It May Be Time for a Ghostwriter

Posted on February 7, 2014


ImageHave you ever wanted to write a book based on the story of your life, but you lack the skills necessary to turn your thoughts into meaningful written words? Are you intimidated by the thought that your message will not be conveyed in a way that draws in an audience and keeps them suspended until the last period? Maybe you are afraid that you are not capable of writing enough to fill an entire book.  Well, you are not alone. There are many like you—more than you know.  There are some authors, who at one time shared your insecurities, but have since sold millions of books and even topped popular book listings. How did these authors conquer their fears?  They hired ghostwriters.

“Ghosting a book for someone is like being paid to be educated by the best teachers in the world,” ghostwriter Andrew Crofts explains in a self-published online essay on his website, Imagine being paid to learn about the ideas of others and then turning their thoughts, words and notes into book form. Could there be a better form of education?”  Absolutely not.

Although a ghostwriter’s type of work may vary by project, the most common ghostwriting assignment is the complete undertaking of a book or article.  But how does one write a book for a person they have only met a few times, on a subject they may not be familiar with? Well, it is rare for a ghostwriter to write a book without any input from the author. In addition, ghostwriters extensively research and conduct interviews related to the subjects they are writing about. Often times they become an expert on the subject in the process. It is important when finding a ghostwriter for yourself that he or she is interested in your subject matter, thereby avoiding any lack of energy or zest that may come across in written word.

Andrew Crofts ghostwrote the book Sold, a non-fiction story about a young woman sold as a child bride in Yemen by her father. Having found Crofts through her local library, Zana Muhsen hired Crofts to write the tale. Crofts interviewed Zana at a hotel in Birmingham and recorded her story to be transcribed after their meeting. Zana‘s story has been translated into every language and has sold over three million copies, as well as spawned a sequel. In 1992, Sold was France’s bestselling non-fiction book. 

Aside from your local library, there are many other ways one can find, and hire, a ghostwriter to complete a project.  There are numerous talented writers in the area or industry related to your project; some are even freelancers for trade publications or industry associations. Writers and freelancers can be found in the following ways:

  • Publication masthead or on the association’s website
  • Local newspaper to find names or industry writers of regular columns or articles
  • Related books to find the editors’ or ghostwriters’ names (sometimes they will be listed as coauthors or included somewhere on the cover or title pages)
  • Writer’s associations and guilds for recommendations
  • Local college for a student who is studying communications or creative writing
  • Advertisements for a freelancer in the paper or on social or freelance websites

Depending on the project, as well as your budget, ideally you will hire a writer who has book-writing experience, someone who is knowledgeable about your subject matter and knows his/her way around the publishing business. An experienced ghostwriter can consult with you about the possibility or necessity of having a book agent, the various ways to publish your book, and also ways to market it. While the cost associated with hiring a ghostwriter may vary by experience level and project type, the benefits—as well as the possibility of your book flourishing beyond your expectations—are endless (and priceless).

Ghostwriting is a fascinating job for both the writer and credited author.  Ghostwriters serve as a lifeline to get you through what seems like a daunting task and make it a seamless process. So take a deep breath and know that there are writers for hire who are willing to help you hurdle through the book-writing process and turn your dreams into reality.

Keneisha Fountain, Writer and Editor, Asta Publications

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