Here is an author’s note from the Twinz

Posted on February 6, 2015


Here is an author’s note from the Twinz discussing their novel Three Letter Words: “This is an honest and up-close look at the consequences of addiction. When most people think of addiction they usually put a measure to it. Such as, drugs are worse than…or alcohol is better than…. We hope that after reading this novel people realize that being careful, safe, and using intelligence is better than…This novel is about learning and loving yourself first and will hopefully take you on the road to reevaluation, so that young women, especially can make good decisions before it’s too late. As for young men, we hope this novel teaches you to love the woman you have while you have her, because no amount of persuasion will erase the past and stalking is a trend that can only produce a negative result. Think before you act! Do it for you before you regret.”

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