The Secret Strategies of Stephanie Meyer and Brandon Sanderson for Their Success in the Writing Industry

Posted on October 28, 2014


imagesWhat do Stephanie Meyer, Brandon Sanderson, and other famous writers have in common? Yes, they have actually finished a manuscript, but there is something else they all have. A writing coach.

What is a writing coach?

No one starts out perfectly with their chosen skill. We develop skills over time. We practice, practice, and practice some more, and sometimes even then it is not enough. Singers need voice coaches, athletes need coaches, and writers need writing coaches. The coaches point out mistakes that their trainees make and help correct them. A basketball player could do the same shot a thousand times, but if he is bending his arm at the wrong angle, it will be difficult to get the shot right. A coach helps someone to perfect his or her personal craft.

What exactly does a writing coach do?

Like other coaches, a writing coach offers knowledge about the writing craft and a guiding hand. Coaches encourage writers to keep going when they don’t want to, by setting goals and timelines. They also act as editors, helping writers make written words understandable and relevant.

Say a writer has trouble writing about younger characters. A writing coach can give this writer tips on how to develop and maintain a realistic young character.

Think of a writing coach as a teacher who won’t grade you. He or she will simply help you become a better writer.

What is the difference between a writing coach and a writing tutor or editor?

A writing tutor teaches the basics of the writing craft. He or she educates the writer about how to write. A tutor is a less involved version of a writing coach.

An editor and a writing coach share some of the same tasks, although they go about them in different ways. A writing coach tries to improve what the writer has written by spending more time explaining what a writers has problems with and how to fix them.

Why should I consider finding a writing coach?

While having a writing coach is not necessary for becoming published, it will help your writing craft, which is never a bad thing. Improved writing will lead to a greater chance of getting published. If nothing else, a good writing style will give you and others greater respect for your work.

Where should I look to find a writing coach?

This depends on what you want to get out from a writing coach. Do you want someone you can talk with about your work over coffee, or someone who will communicate by phone or Internet? As always, the Internet is a valuable tool for finding a writing coach that suits you. Just be careful when buying services over the Internet—spend time doing your research and interviewing potential coaches before you ever spend money!

Rachel Molitor, Writer and Editor, Asta Publications

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