Tips for Utilizing Social Media to Promote Your Book

Posted on October 16, 2014


images (1)Social media is everywhere.  Anyone who owns a phone or computer most likely uses some form of it for personal use or business, so why not use it to promote your book?  Social media comes in the form of either websites or applications, which allow users to interact, create and share content with others.  It is a great way to build your audience, increase sales and intermingle with like-minded authors and readers.  Most people nowadays have a Facebook, Twitter, and  Instagram.  There are many other platforms too, so you will have no problems finding one to promote your book.  Another great benefit of using social media is that most of these networks are free to sign up for, a fact which will save you a vast amount of money in the long run.

Here are a few ways to utilize social media for your book promotion:


Keep Your Posts Fun and Interesting.

Of course, the whole reason why you created a Facebook or a Twitter page is so the public will purchase your book, but in actuality, most people do not like the notion of constantly being sold to. Be creative with your posts.  Share funny quotes from eccentric authors or post current events articles that are related to your book’s genre or topic.

Get Your Audience to Engage.

Getting your audience to interact on your social media pages is another way to connect with them.  Pose questions, or post a picture of your favorite childhood book and then ask your audience what books they enjoyed reading as children.  Remember to generally keep posts related to books, reading, writing, etc.  You do not want to go overboard with miscellaneous posts and confuse your audience so they don’t know what your social media pages are actually about.

Post Regularly, But Don’t Flood Your Audience’s News Feed.

This tip is pretty straightforward.  Post multiple times throughout the day.  If you become infrequent with your posts, such as only posting once a month, you will lose followers.  However, spread out your posts and refrain from posting on a constant basis. You do not want to post several items within a few minutes of each other.  This can become irritating to those that like or follow your page, because your posts are then constantly flooding their news feeds.

Create a Facebook Page and Promote It.

As mentioned previously, the use of most social media networks is free. However, Facebook allows for users to promote their pages or websites through advertisement.  This does cost money, but the good thing is that users can set the price to as low as $5 a day.  You also have control over how long you want your ad(s) to run.  By using Facebook to promote your page and/or website, it will appear as a sponsored ad on other Facebook users’ news feeds.  This is a great way to get new likes and potential customers.

Try Sites Other Than Facebook & Instagram.

There are plenty of other social media sites besides Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that you could possibly use to promote your book and to gain an audience.  Goodreads is a site where you can connect with other readers and host book giveaways.  It is a good idea to keep your social media options open.


Ask For Help from Friends and Family.

If your loved ones are personally using any forms of social media, you can ask them to share your posts on their profiles so their friends can see them.  It is always great to have support from those close to you so they can assist with spreading the word about your book(s) and boost your confidence.

Have Patience.

Do you think Stephen King and J.K Rowling sold their first books immediately after their releases?  Building an audience and making sales takes time, effort and patience.  Do not become so obsessed with promoting your book that you do not ever get a chance to write again.  Use the free social media-managing site, Hootsuite, which allows you to post on multiple social media networks at the same time as well as schedule posts for future dates.  This will allow you to save time so you can move on to writing your next novel.

Morgan Nimmons, Writer and Social Media Manager, Asta Publications

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