3 Simple Reasons Why Writers Use Editors

Posted on October 14, 2014


  1. downloadEditors offer a professional service

Why hire a teacher to give children knowledge? Why hire a plumber to fix a shower? These people are professionals. They are trained and paid to know what they are doing. Editors are the professionals of the writing world. Professional assistance is a good thing.

  1. Editors help make written work better

Editors can do many things for a written text. Editors help make fundamental changes to works and also tidy them up grammatically.

Here are some of the ways editors help writers:

  • Keep work consistent

In the writing process, writers can lose track of all the threads they are weaving in their stories. An editor can make sure the themes that existed in the beginning of the book make it to the end of the book. He or she can help catch other inconsistencies as well. Perhaps in the beginning of a work, a character was named Amy, and later it translated to Ani. Due to familiarity with the work, the author might not notice t small changes such as these while an editor trained to study details will.

  • Get rid of silly mistakes

Even with modern spell check, words can still be used incorrectly. Grammar is also often misused due to programming and colloquial speech patterns. Editors have been trained to detect these errors. They know rules involving commas, dependent phrases, and “affect” versus “effect.” In short, they know things that most people only skimmed over in school. Editors catch these mistakes, helping your readers stay focused on what you are trying to say rather than getting distracted by an improper use of “their.”

  • Can improve work

They can assist authors in making characters more realistic or interesting. Sometimes they are able to determine what you want to create and help edge you toward that. While an author’s work may seem golden to his or her eyes, there could be some plot holes or issues that readers will notice. Editors and writers work together to help develop plots and characters reach their full potential.

  1. Editors lend credence to the work

Even the best authors use editors. Editors help lend credibility to a written work. Anyone can write something, but not everyone uses an editor. Two is better than one! Working with editor can make a better book and a better overall reputation.

Rachel Molitor, Writer and Editor, Asta Publications


Asta Publications has a long history of helping writers tell their stories and get published. Since 2004, Asta Publications has helped hundreds of authors bring their book concepts to life and we are ready to help you too! Our dedication to our authors is unmatched. We deliver first-class products and services that are accurate, high quality, and exceed our authors’ expectations.

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