6 Reasons Why You Need a Ghostwriter

Posted on July 23, 2014


Looking to finish that book you’ve been planning to write, but don’t have the time, energy, or inspiration to do it? Here are six reasons why a ghostwriter may be the solution for you:

  1. Ghostwriters save you time.

A common complaint is that there’s never enough time, and writing is one of those activities that requires time. Lots of it. When you can’t commit to a writer’s schedule, ghostwriters are available to write for you. They enable you to produce the book you’ve been dreaming about, all the while allowing you to maintain your prior commitments.

  1. Ghostwriters transform your ideas into compelling prose.

Maybe you’re not the best writer. That’s okay. There are those with terrible (or simply mediocre) writing skills with fantastic book ideas—and they deserve the opportunity to author a book just like anyone else. That’s where ghostwriters come in: they possess the ability to arrange words on the page as you envision them but may not be able produce yourself. Clothing your ideas in words that express their worth, a ghostwriter can make all the difference in how your readers will receive you.

  1. Ghostwriters can view your book objectively.

Writing on your own can spell disaster when it comes to objectivity. When you’re working so closely with your material, you can become blindsided to the problems in your writing or organization. Ghostwriters may love to write, but they aren’t in love with what they write. They have some distance from the material they are writing about, allowing them to spot plot gaps and inconsistencies in your story that could hinder reader understanding.

  1. Ghostwriters guide you through the creative process.

Have a great idea for a book, but unsure of what steps to take next? Experienced in the creative and writing processes, ghostwriters can guide you through to the book’s completion, dealing with any complications that arise.

  1. Ghostwriters complete writing projects with a deadline in mind.

When writing for yourself, it’s easy to keep pushing the due date. You may be able to afford to procrastinate, but ghostwriters cannot afford such a luxury. They have strong incentives to complete their projects—namely, the negative repercussions of failing to deliver (a withheld paycheck and tarnished reputation)—that ensure your book will be finished on time.

  1. Ghostwriters establish you (the author) as a credible source.

While ghostwriters write the content, the ideas that sparked this project are yours—and your name alone will be on the cover (unless otherwise negotiated). Whether you are a businessperson, public speaker, or novelist, the title of “author” brings with it several perks. Authorship establishes you as a credible source in your area of expertise. Most importantly, it has the potential to further your business, reaching new clients through a form of media that provides you with monetary benefits.

Not looking to have your book written for you, but still need some guidance? A writing coach may be what you are looking for:



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