What in the World Is a Compilation Book?

Posted on June 20, 2014


downloadHave you ever been assigned a group project where each team member had to create his or her own portion of the project and then everyone put it together to like a puzzle to create one final project? Well, that is a compilation. Everyone has an individual part,  ideas, thoughts, or writing/design styles. The end result could be a presentation, a report, a book, etc. Each contributing party will get credit for his/her work.

A compilation book can consist of a number of authors across a number of subjects, although the theme for the book stays the same. For example, I recently had to participate in a group project about the history behind four of the largest coffee manufacturers in the country. We each wrote about one company and then put all of our papers together as one document with a title, a table of contents, an intro and outro, running headers and footers, and page numbers. The end result was a book with content and visuals.

A compilation book can be about anything. It can be a how-to manual on how to start a business with incite from five successful business owners. It can be an inspirational book on how to keep your head up when life tries to get the best of you. It can also be a book that answers a question. For instance, say it’s football season. A group of authors could put together a book called What Makes an NFL Player Become the Best? They could each answer the question using both fact and/or personal opinions and experience.

Now that you know what a compilation book is, if you don’t have the time or patience to write an entire book, consider being a part of one!

Chauncey Watson, Writer and Editor, Asta Publications


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