Why Writers Are Brave

Posted on June 16, 2014


download If you think about it, writing takes guts. The only way a book can truly be successful is if you draw on your  own personal experiences and feel the emotions that you are trying to evoke in your readers.

Is your character grieving the loss of a loved one? You won’t bring tears to your readers unless you’re  able to draw tears from your own eyes when you write. Whether you place yourself in your character’s  shoes or relive your own painful memories of loss, you have to travel to emotionally uncomfortable  places.

Do you want to write about a cause or belief that you’re passionate about? You have to show your passion to your readers. Motivate them with your motivation. You can’t be afraid to stand up for your beliefs and publish them for the world to examine.

Emotional experiences aren’t the only messy areas of writing. Writing also requires a lot of thinking—something not many people take time to do. It’s much easier to turn on the TV, listen to music, or distract ourselves by going out and doing something with friends. We focus on temporary things that don’t really matter rather than think about what’s deep and important.

Writers have to take the time to consider life. They have the courage to feel and ponder things that others are afraid to focus on for too long. Then they go a step further: they write down their thoughts about life, love, death, and hate—the painful things, the controversial things, the confusing things. Writers face these all and do not look away. They draw attention to universal truths or pull out the meaning in everyday events that everyone can relate to. They force their readers to turn off the distractions and pay attention to life.

Finally, writing is about finding your voice. It’s about being brave enough to share a message that will last far beyond your own lifetime. You could stand up in front of an audience or shout words to a large crowd, but your voice can only carry so far. Even if you go on TV or record your message, these words can be forgotten or lost in time. Publishing is a way to immortalize your words and to spread them all over the world, across generations. It takes strength to write about something you care deeply about or feel passionately about and then share it with millions of strangers. It’s a risk to write about the things that aren’t being talked about or your own personal beliefs. Readers can disagree, criticize, or even attack you personally.

But writers choose to be brave because they are passionate. They know that they have something worth sharing. Rather than hesitating, they sit down with pen and paper or begin typing and letting the words flow. They persevere to finish the book they’ve worked on for so long so that they can finally publish it…even if the process is painful and the final result is not easy.

Today, you have a reason you want to write. There is something stirring inside of you, something you believe is important. Don’t silence your voice.

Writer, this is your choice today and every day:

Are you going to be brave?


Rachel Schade, Writer, Editor, and Publishing Coordinator, Asta Publications


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