When Writing: 9 Tips

Posted on June 9, 2014


downloadGetting your one-of-a-kind story or memoir down on paper can be an exhilarating experience. These are your thoughts and ideas coming to life on the page! Though this is certainly an exciting part of the process, there’s a lot to it. Writing—here it comes—is work, too. If any worthwhile result is to come of that narrative so near and dear to your heart, it’s best to give it its best chance.

Here are nine tips to help you do just that:

1.)  Plan plenty of time in advance. Fleshing out a particular section will most likely take longer than you think. It’s also wise to sequester off time in case it becomes necessary to rewrite whole sections.  Good writing shouldn’t be rushed. If it is, it’s doubtful that you, as the writer, will feel very satisfied with the outcome.

2.)  Do your best to stick to a schedule. Find a good part of the day where you’re “in the mood” to write. Reserve a specific time in which you’ll be less likely to be bothered. Those who often work with deadlines can attest to the importance of a strict schedule.

3.)  Be prepared to make some sacrifices. Our meager 24-hour days don’t allow us to do everything we want. It might be necessary to cut something out of your daily routine in order to get in a couple of well-written pages a day.

4.)  Practice makes perfect. Attend some writing classes here and there. Join a writing group or attend a workshop. Constructive criticism can be very eye-opening.

5.)  Read. You learn from the best this way.

6.)  Inspiration is literally everywhere—get up and go looking for it, even if it’s a little outside your comfort zone.

7.)  Keep a journal for future reference. Your own experiences are veritable sources of inspiration.

8.)  It’s okay to step away. If you’ve come across a lump in your writing you just can’t seem to hop over, leave it. Go do   something else. Whether this be for a few hours, a few days, or even several weeks, take that time and let it churn in the background. It’ll come to you.

9.)  Don’t give up! If writing this book, or whatever else it might be, is truly important to you, don’t let yourself get knocked down. Persevere and see it to its completion. Otherwise, you’re left with what might have been, and that’s rarely a pleasant thought.


Chelsey Edwards, Writer and Editor, Asta Publications


Asta Publications has a long history of helping writers tell their stories and get published. Since 2004, Asta Publications has helped hundreds of authors bring their book concepts to life and we are ready to help you too! Our dedication to our authors is unmatched. We deliver first-class products and services that are accurate, high quality, and exceed our authors’ expectations.

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