Need Direction? Try a Writing Coach

Posted on May 21, 2014


WritingDo you become frustrated when trying to get your thoughts down on paper? Do you struggle to make sense of words once you get them down? Do you have an idea but aren’t sure how to articulate it?  Do you just need some help? Well, try a writing coach.

A writing coach is someone that helps you find a starting point and guides you to where you want to go.  Think of them like a football coach.  Coaches give direction to their players, helping them to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Then the players enhance and correct those strengths and weaknesses at each practice.  By the time the football season starts, each player is ready to play every game like it was the championship.

On a website called Daily Writing Tips, there is an article called “The Role of a Writing Coach” that explains what a writing coach can do to benefit anyone from a business professional to a struggling writer. It explains that writing coaches are not editors or writers (although they most likely have the experience) but mentors.  They teach, direct, and inform. The focus is on the writer, not the coach, so the relationship built between the two can be fairly intimate. The coach will want to know everything that goes right and wrong in the process and how the writer feels about it all.  He or she will get into the writer’s head and help him or her formulate and articulate ideas. The writing coach’s purpose is to help the writer reach his or her goal(s), whether it’s writing a complete manuscript or simply enhancing writing skills.

Finding a writing coach is fairly easy.  Various websites and forums feature connections to people who have the experience and know-how to coach others.  A really good website to use to find writing coaches is Writing Forward.  Not only can you hire a writing coach there, but also you can perform exercises on writing and grammar to test your abilities.  The website includes books and other resources to help writers hone their skills, as well.

So if you’re struggling with your writing skills or just need a bit of help getting your thoughts down, giving a writing coach a try will be the first step to success. You never know, this could be the beginning to making your book a bestseller.


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