Who Ya Gonna Call? Ghostwriters!

Posted on May 7, 2014


Ghostbusters_ii_poster Are you troubled by strange voices in the middle of the night? Are they coming from you as you attempt to write  late at night after a full day’s work? Do you experience feelings of dread when you sit down at your desk to write  but end up staring at a blank page?  Don’t wait! Call a professional…ghostwriter.

You may be a busy, successful executive with marketing and business know-how, but writing has always  frustrated you.  Or maybe you’re struggling to get a start in the business world and want to write a book to market  your new ideas and services, but don’t know how to squeeze one more thing into your packed schedule without  starving to death.  Knowing how to translate your knowledge to a written page is a different skill set, one that you  may not have the time or the inclination to pursue…and that’s okay.  We don’t all have the time or desire to be writers. Does that mean your book idea isn’t worth being written? Absolutely not!

Consider hiring a ghostwriter. Ghostwriters are writers who are willing to work as a translator for your ideas. They will take your thoughts, notes, drafts, and vision and write your book for you.  They are there to bring the things you are struggling to say to life.

Unlike ghosts, ghostwriters aren’t difficult to find. Some publishing companies, like Asta, offer ghostwriting services as an option for aspiring authors. There are also online ghostwriting services that will pair you up with a participating writer in their group. Some writing coaches and freelance writers offer ghostwriting services too. The question is: what kind of writer are you looking for?

Writing can be an extremely personal process and the relationship between you and your ghostwriter is important. This means you have to shop around. Contact a bunch of them! Ask for credentials and samples of their works, pour over their websites, become acquainted with them, read reviews, price shop, and above all, build rapport. Your ghostwriter will be the surrogate for your baby, and you need to have a good feeling about him or her and his/her skills in order to have a productive relationship.

Hiring a ghostwriter can be a great asset for your writing project and can craft your ideas in ways that you never before envisioned. Some ghostwritten books even make it to best seller lists! Just remember to do your friendly neighborhood ghostwriter a favor and give them a dedication in the front of your book to say thanks for all the help.

Therese Ptak, Writer and Editor, Asta Publications


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