5 Surprising Reasons to Hire a Writing Coach

Posted on May 5, 2014


imagesWe all need a little help from time to time, writers maybe more than most.  The idea that writing is a solitary, isolated process where we lock ourselves away with our typewriter and pound out our novel by flickering candlelight is a romanticized inaccuracy. Even great writers like Hemingway, Tolkien, Byron, and Keats regularly corresponded with their writer friends to gain feedback, constructive criticism and the affirmation necessary to keep them moving forward. These social literary networks helped produce some of the most fantastic contributions to literature to date.  The lesson here is that whether you are a stalwart veteran or passionate newcomer, you will need help at some point in the writing process.

For the modern writer, there are many avenues to go about seeking this help, but there’s one in particular that’s gaining popularity. Hiring a writing coach may seem like a foreign concept, but there are a number of great reasons to consider enlisting a coach’s services for your current/next project:

1.)    You’re New to the Genre- Many writing coaches are published authors, and many of them specialize in a particular genre, which means you’ll have someone who knows the market and the struggles you’re likely to face, and can offer  great feedback about your direction.

2.)    You Keep Getting Stalled- If you’ve spent your last few writing sessions banging your head against the keyboard instead of making progress, you might want to consult a writing coach. Often, they can make suggestions for dealing with block, such as offering helpful revisions or sorting out where you keep getting snagged.

3.)    Your Life Gets in the Way- If there never seems to be enough time to write and your project keeps getting pushed aside, a writing coach can act like a literary personal trainer. They can help establish short and long-term writing goals and show you how to fracture up your time, so you can work your project into a schedule and make real progress.

4.)    You Know Nothing about Getting Published- You should not enter the jungle of the publishing world without being forewarned and armed. There are many small details that can make or break your chances of publication. A good writing coach will know how to navigate you through this process, whether you’re at the stage where you’re writing book proposals or helping to promote your work.

5.)    You’re New to Writing, Period- Taking on a new writing project is like opting to drag around a very angry badger all the time. It will tax your patience and your mental and physical energy. It can cause you to lose sleep and make you scream with frustration (but hopefully, not gnaw on your relatives, so there’s a plus!) For a newcomer, this can be extremely overwhelming. A writing coach can be your own personal Gandalf, someone to mentor you through the journey and provide an outlet for frustrations.

There are literally writing coaches for every genre and personality, so make sure you do your homework before enlisting a coach’s services. You want to find the perfect fit!

How else could a writing coach help you with your writing project? Have any experiences you’d like to share? Comment below!


Chelsey Edwards, Writer and Editor, Asta Publications


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