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Posted on May 2, 2014


new-editing-22An editor is someone who proofreads manuscripts, articles, blog entries, etc. for grammar, punctuation, content, and other details. The editing process can include things like correction, condensation, organization, and other modifications. The point of editing is to produce a correct, consistent, accurate and complete work.

Of course, this starts with an author and an idea. Once the author gets the idea on paper, he or she can move to the next step: verifying its consistency, legibility, and readability.  Thus, the need for an editor is born.

Depending on the industry, an editor’s job description can be a number of different things.  For example, in print media, there are copy editors (who are involved with grammar, punctuation, and spelling), acquisitions editors (who obtain manuscripts and authors), chief or executive editors (who make final decisions on the content), and production editors (who oversee the process of converting draft content to its final form). Some of these positions are the same no matter which industry the editor is in.  But some industries have more editors that perform in-depth work on certain projects. For instance, in the technical communication industry, there are technical editors who perform tasks such as checking for usage problems and ensuring that the author did not use so much technical jargon that it confuses the reader.

Editors pave the way for an author’s work to be published and distributed. Now, editors are not mandatory in order to publish a work, but they are beneficial.  They identify and correct any errors before the work can be submitted to a publisher and save the author from receiving a disheartening rejection letter. With an editor, the author can correct the errors in his or her manuscript, enhance his/her writing skills, increase the chances of being published, and decrease the pile of rejection letters.

As a profession, becoming an editor is a matter of finding the right company or publishing house that fits you and what you want to do.  As an author, finding an editor is a simple process.  There are a number of sites such as NY Book Editors and Asta Publications that will gladly assist in bettering your work. So if you’re thinking about becoming an editor or you need an editor’s help, here are some places to start:

NY Book Editors


Asta Publications

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