The Shocking Truth about Ghostwriters

Posted on April 22, 2014


downloadOn February 24, I saw in the news that Harold Ramis had died. I recognized the face but I couldn’t place him. After reading the article, I learned that he played Dr. Egon Spengler in the movie Ghost Busters. I was six-years-old when Ghost Busters came out. I can still see Ramis as Egon: he was the grounded, rational one that provided a counter balance to Bill Murray’s and Dan Aykroyd’s characters. What I never knew was that Ramis (along with Aykroyd) wrote Ghost Busters.

I am embarrassed to admit that whenever I hear the term ghostwriter, I automatically think of someone like Harold Ramis. How great would it be to write about ectoplasm-oozing characters like Slimer or to be the in-house ghost reporter for a paper like the Weekly World News? Much to my disappointment, this is not what a ghostwriter does.

Ghostwriters are professional writers who write for another person. The “ghost” part comes from the fact that the actual writer is never acknowledged for his work; he’s invisible, like a ghost. Right away I can see all the writers out there getting their hackles up. When we write something, we want acknowledgement for it. We want everyone to recognize our genius and prostrate themselves before the beauty of our prose. So, why would a writer let someone else take credit for his or her words? This is because most of us need something more than fame or praise—we need to pay the bills.

Who are these people that want to take all the fame and glory after the writer has done all the work? They are CEOs of successful businesses, celebrities, movie stars, and average people who have experienced something incredible. The thing that all these people have in common is that they have an amazing story to share but either don’t have the time or the skill to write it down themselves. When you stop and think about it, hiring someone to do something for you that you can’t do yourself isn’t uncommon. If I need to proceed with a lawsuit, I’m going to hire a lawyer to do it for me. If my kid needs his tonsils removed, I am going to hire a physician to do it for me. If someone has a great idea but doesn’t know how to present it in writing to others, I think it’s smart for them to hire a professional to do it.

While you are working away on your novel or waiting for the royalty checks to start pouring in, explore your options of becoming a ghostwriter to help put food on the table. If you have a great story or idea and you just can’t get it written down, look into the ghostwriting services provided by Asta Publications at

Write well, write often, and try writing for someone else.


Scott Hoenstine, Writer and Editor, Asta Publications

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