How to Let Your Voice Do the Writing

Posted on February 10, 2014


ImageThe days of pen and paper seem to become more and more of the past with computers and smart phones everywhere you look. With this technology we are constantly busy while at home, at work and even on the run. So when it is time for you to sit down at your desk at home and finish writing your book on your computer, your motivation and inspiration may be hard to find. How can you change this to begin taking pleasure in the things you are passionate about? One thing that has given writers a breath of fresh air and the ability to not be bound by a computer is voice recognition software.

Voice recognition software? What’s that? you may wonder. If you think that it’s like a tape recorder, you are almost there. What this software does is what your hand-held recorder or phone recorder does: Translate! Voice recognition software translates spoken words into text. Isn’t that wonderful? It allows you to write all of your spoken thoughts without being a slave to a computer, desk or chair. Listed below are five reasons why a writer can benefit from using voice recognition software.


Let Your Mouth Do the Walking

I am a pretty decent typist; however, my typing skills cannot stand up to my speed of thought or speaking. If you are anything like other writers, then when you are in a moment of inspiration and your fingers just cannot keep up, the chance that you will remember what you failed to write down later is very slim. You may remember the general idea, but it will not be in the manner that you wanted it written initially and it won’t have the same effect.

This is where voice recognition software is king!  Speaking is much more natural than sitting at a desk typing or writing, making sure you are following the rules and principles of the English language. This software allows you to speak as quickly as your thoughts will come with the magic of words appearing on your computer screen. What a joy!


Natural-Sounding Writing

Before there was pen and paper, stories and poems were remembered, recited and passed down through the generations. Storytelling was a natural way of telling a tale without worrying about “creating” literature. Although you still have to follow proper grammar and sentence structure with voice recognition software, it will capture the natural quality of your speech. This is especially perfect for writing to inspirational material or even blogs. Voice recognition software gives the writer authenticity and allows readers to feel as though they are actually talking to the writer. 


Write from across the Room

Maybe you need to stretch your legs while you are coming up with your next masterpiece. Or maybe you want to utilize your time better. Voice recognition software allows you to use your time more efficiently. For example, if you are writing your manuscript and need to get dinner done at the same time, voice recognition software will make certain that this fairy tale is plausible. In addition to utilizing your time wisely, having the ability to walk around while talking will aid in your creativity and your flow of words.


Focus Focus Focus

There is nothing more important for an author than focus. Being able to focus on the plot and character development is vital to your success. Voice recognition software makes it quicker and easier to focus on and produce finished works instead of works-in-progress. It even has features to help you revise your draft by highlighting and replacing words with a few simple commands.



Motivation can be hard to acquire with your daily grind of activities making typing on the computer sound uninviting. However, voice recognition software gives you more motivation. When you have an idea for your next chapter, you are more prone to begin writing (talking) when you are free to roam the room, flail your arms a little and speak freely. You may even come to the point where you are writing daily since it seems as though you have more time to write this way.

Voice recognition software will push you from casual writer or procrastinator to fulltime writer. It is how your goal to write a certain amount of stories, poems, or books a year can become attainable, without neglecting anything else in your life. The time is now to take over your schedule and create your bestseller. Stand up and write!

Angelique Anderson, Writer and Editor, Asta Publications

Asta Publications has a long history of helping writers tell their stories and get published. Since 2004, Asta Publications has helped hundreds of authors bring their book concepts to life and we are ready to help you too! Our dedication to our authors is unmatched. We deliver first-class products and services that are accurate, high quality, and exceed our authors’ expectations.

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