How to Give Your Writing a Pep Talk

Posted on January 15, 2014


ImageSometimes writing can seem more like a chore than a passion. This can be especially true when you cannot put a plot together, develop characters, or even find the time to write with your busy schedule. There may be times when you feel as though your progress has come to a standstill or you have stumbled upon a writing block. This can be one of the most stressful times for a writer, but there is relief close by. There is someone who can help you get back on track to your ultimate goal in an orderly and productive fashion. This person is known as a writing coach.

A writing coach is someone who helps you sharpen your writing skills. He or she is more like a guide than a person molding you into someone you are not or even taking over your writing project. He or she can also be that necessary muse to help your manuscript finally come to fruition.

Your relationship with a writing coach will be short-lived yet valuable. A writing coach will begin by evaluating you as well as your project to make sure he or she is aware of the goals you want to accomplish and the obstacles that are holding you back from accomplishing them. With these questions answered, you will be well on your way to attaining your goals.

So how do you find such a person? Well, before you begin your search, you must determine which type of coach you are looking for. There are many coaches that can help you in this area, but you must be certain of which one is tailored for your situation and goals.  Below are a couple of coaches that may interest you and help you achieve your dream of completing that manuscript.


The traditional help for a writer is an editor. An editor’s expertise ranges from proofreading manuscripts for clarity, grammar and spelling, to editing your manuscript for structure, plot and character development. Editors are excellent coaches for individuals who need guidance with the mechanics of the writing process or who have completed a manuscript. Editors are ideal for lending a professional eye to your writing and make certain it is fit for public consumption.


The next type of coach is a life coach. This coach specializes in human psychology and can assist a person with goal setting, handling distractions in his or her life, and creating a schedule with a healthy balance of work and personal life. A life coach would be perfect for the working writer who has difficulty finding time in his or her busy schedule to finish a project. Although life coaches may not have experience or knowledge regarding the technicalities of writing a book, they can help you set a plan to fulfill your goals.


When your creativity has gone out the window, a creativity coach may be helpful.  A creativity coach focuses on helping the writer overcome limits and learn to think outside the box. A writer who feels burnt out by writing or loses his or her motivation for the craft, hindering overall progress, could benefit from this type of coach.


Lastly is the writing coach. A writing coach will not only assist you in editing, but also help with business in the writing world, such as marketing. A great writing coach possesses the skills to adjust his or her approach to suit the clients’ needs and goals.

Some of the areas in which a writing coach can assist a writer are creating a schedule, setting a deadline, and organizing the project. In addition, a writing coach will discuss the stages of writing and finishing a manuscript, including an initial outline, research, various drafts, editing, copyediting and proofreading. With this coach’s assistance, the writer can create a clear and compelling plot and a tone appropriate for the audience and style.

Now that you have figured out what type of coach you need, it is time to figure out where to find one. Some of the places to look for these coaches are:

College Writing Center and Professors

The most convenient and least expensive way to find a coach, if you are currently in school or considering taking more classes, is on a college campus. Many college students are unaware of the resources available to them. Professors are there to help further your education in several ways, not just in the classroom or lecture hall. Utilize your professor’s office hours by setting up a time to meet with him or her to go over your writing. While he or she may not edit or proofread your manuscript (depending on what class they are teaching), your professor can definitely give you feedback on where your weaknesses lie and how to work on them. Lastly, the campus writing center, underutilized and underappreciated, is an excellent source to help improve your writing skills and even arrange regular, scheduled sessions with a tutor to make certain you steadily improve.

Consultation Companies

When school help is no longer an option, tutoring companies and students exist who will extend their services to individuals for a fee. One company that provides such services is Smart Thinking. This company allows clients to connect anytime with tutors who are on call. Another company is WyzAnt, which allows you to search for writing tutors in your area. On this site, you can read bios and reviews and hire a tutor.

Internet Searches

The most common way to find assistance is through the internet. Search engines will allow you to find people who offer coaching services and how they do so (either by web conference or over the phone). These individual coaches are focused on writing for students, professional, and creative writers for a small fee. 

No matter how experienced of a writer you are, or what stage in the process you are currently in, investing in a coach can be the help you need to finally become a published author.  A great writer takes advantage of all of the resources and opportunities around him or her. So what area of your writing do you need to improve on? Your passion is waiting on you to invest in it. It is never too early or too late to start. So what are you waiting on? Let’s improve our writing!

Angelique Anderson, Writer and Editor, Asta Publications

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