Why You Should Stop Writing

Posted on December 31, 2013


ImageThe most common piece of advice given to new or struggling writers is to keep writing! It’s true that as long as you are writing, you are probably growing and stretching your skills. If you find that you stop writing for a long period of time without missing it, maybe you aren’t as passionate about it as you thought. However, there are benefits to taking a break. Here are a few reasons how taking a break from writing can be beneficial to your career:

  1. It helps you discover if you really care about the book.

There is nothing like taking a break, whether it’s due to writer’s block, an overwhelming schedule, or a big life event. It can help you find out if you are truly passionate about your latest writing project. In this case, the saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder” applies to your book. Even though you have stopped writing, do you still think about it? Does it bother you that your book is unfinished and can’t be shared with the world yet? Are you excited to return to it? If your answer to all of these questions isn’t “yes,” your book might not mean that much to you after all. Maybe it’s time for a new idea that you’ll be excited about—something that you believe is worth sharing.

     2. It helps you solve problems in your book.

 Stepping away from your writing helps you analyze the plot hole or troubling characters you’ve been struggling with. What seemed impossible to solve before might prove to be a minor obstacle once you have some time to mull over the story and generate new ideas. There are times when even the most talented and experienced writers need to stop writing and go “back to the drawing board” to brainstorm more about their works.

     3. It gives perspective.

Nothing helps your writing more than looking at it with fresh eyes. Having the ability to see mistakes that you overlooked before is important. When you just finished writing a chapter yesterday, your intended meaning is fresh in your mind and can cloud your ability to detect if you conveyed it clearly or not.

     4. It helps you become more familiar with your characters.

Sometimes creating characters as a writer can feel a lot like meeting and making new friends. The more time you have to think about and develop their personalities, the better you feel you know them. And a thorough knowledge of your characters will go a long way toward improving your final product.

Although pausing your writing progress for any length of time is not ideal for a writer, it is often the reality. Life can get in the way or writer’s block can impede your inspiration. Whatever the case, do not despair, because you can still use this time to your advantage. Continue to think about and develop your story in your head, or to decide if this book is the right one for you. If you are truly passionate about it, then your book will improve from this additional time to brainstorm and appreciate it even more.

Rachel Schade, Writer, Editor, Publishing Coordinator, Asta Publications


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