It Is All Right to Hire a Ghostwriter

Posted on December 26, 2013


ImageHave you ever considered that the book you may be reading right now was crafted by someone unseen? The writer could have been someone whose name will never be in the lights, often hidden in clients’ shadows: without these types of writers, many books would not have been written. Ghostwriters craft novels and stories for so many people and may never receive any credit. To some, the idea of someone else taking credit for their original work seems to be a great injustice. However, others find true contentment in being the “ghost.” These individuals are more than just hermits in a cave typing endless manuscripts; ghostwriters help many people accomplish and reach goals that, alone, would be impossible.

If you are like me, the initial thought of using a ghostwriter seems kind of sketchy. You may think that only those who have no ability to write on their own would use them.  While this is certainly one reason to hire a ghostwriter, there are many others. Maybe you are looking over your life and all that you have experienced: you see your children growing up and you desire to leave them with a memoir of the stories and secrets you never got to tell, but are not sure how to begin. Or maybe you are a professional wanting to establish credibility within your field, or a celebrity wanting to promote yourself, and you do not have the time to write your own manuscript.

Finding a ghostwriter to fit your requirements can be a taxing process. There are many ways to go about this process. Search engines are a good start, because some ghostwriters even have personal sites. Some self-publishing companies also offer ghostwriting services. Once you find one that sparks your interest, contact the potential ghostwriter and set up an interview to make sure they are the right fit. Understand that the ghostwriter will in a sense become you; make sure that the person you are entrusting with that responsibility will do a great job. Also know what you want them to do for you. Do you need a bit of cleanup work, or do want them to write the whole book?

A ghostwriter does more than just pen a new book every couple of months. He or she is, in essence, your voice, your written representation. It is your ghostwriter’s job to accurately capture your heart and thoughts, and then communicate that message to your readers.  Depending on how involved you want to be in the process of writing your book, you may have an extensive time to get to know your ghostwriter, and vice versa.  

Whatever your case may be, if you are seriously inquiring about a ghostwriter, it is all right. There is nothing sketchy about hiring a professional to help you reach your dreams. Many are great at what they do.

Rachelle Legentus, Writer and Editor, Asta Publications

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