5 Reasons Why You Won’t Get Published

Posted on October 18, 2013


ImageAll writers fear that they might not get published. This fear of rejection has dwindled considerably since the rise of self-publishing and, even more importantly, of e-book conversion, which allows basically anyone to publicize his or her work for free or at very little cost. Now we can publish without using a middle man who might decide that our story isn’t worth it. However, these exciting changes don’t change the fact that many writers still won’t get published due to poor attitudes. And you could be one of them. If you’re not changing or pushing past negative thoughts and behaviors, here are a few reasons you won’t ever be published.

  1. You lack conviction.

You might think you have a great message or an exciting story that’s worth telling, but if you aren’t pushing your way toward finishing your work and getting published, it’s time to analyze what’s holding you back. One reason could be that you actually don’t believe your book is all that great. If you honestly thought it was important and felt an urgency to share it, you wouldn’t be procrastinating or hesitating. Either you need to rediscover your passion for this book or maybe you need to focus your writing efforts on something new.

2. You’re lazy.

Let’s be brutally honest here. Writing is hard work, and few people like hard work. We avoid it whenever possible, and since, in most writers’ circumstances, writing is not feeding you, it feels unnecessary. You’re struggling to discipline and dedicate yourself to your work when you have dozens of other responsibilities to juggle—but you do have the time and the means. It’s time to capitalize on them, or give up your dream.

3. You make excuses.

People make excuses all the time. As a writer, you’ve probably caught yourself making typical excuses such as “I don’t have time” and “I’m not talented enough.” But if you’ve already scanned this blog you know that “not having enough time” and “not having enough talent” aren’t on this list. That’s because they’re excuses—both are merely challenges that can be overcome.

4. You’re afraid.

What are you afraid of? Maybe you should take the time to consider this. Do you dread feedback? Perhaps criticism is hard for you to handle and you are concerned that readers will not love your work as much as you hope. Maybe you have a strong message that you are hesitant to share due to the reaction you imagine it will cause. Simply put, successful writers need to have guts. You don’t just write out your heart and soul and share it to thousands or millions of strangers without a bit of courage. If you have conviction and passion, you have reasons to overcome this fear. It’s time to remember why you started writing in the first place and stop worrying about what hasn’t even happened yet.

5. You don’t care enough.

This is possibly the root cause of a lot of these other reasons, as it is caring about your writing that will help you face any other obstacles that block your path to publishing. You might think you want to be published. You might say it is your dream. But if you are not pushing toward your goal, you might want to question how much you care and how you prioritize your writing. After all, we make time for the things we truly care about. Either you need to find whatever is in you that began to care, long ago, or you might want to reconsider your goals. To be blunt, there isn’t room in the world for halfhearted writers. Their success will either never come or will never last.

Do any of these five problems or attitudes fit you? If so, recognize the problems right away. Be honest with yourself. Quit telling yourself “someday” you will publish, or finish the book, or start the book. You either will or you won’t. If you continue to delay, to make excuses, to have a bad attitude, or to fear, odds are that you won’t. It’s time to find your sense of urgency, writer, and chase your dream!

Rachel Schade, Writer, Editor, and Publishing Coordinator, Asta Publications


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