The Important Job of an Editor

Posted on September 20, 2013


ImageDo you remember the times when your teacher told you to always proofread your work before turning it in?  Well, if you did, congratulations because you just became a junior editor! The function of an editor is pretty much the same in the “real world” as it was in school—one scans a writer’s work for errors, preparing them for viewing. However, gone are the days when editors worked exclusively for book publishers and newspapers. Now editors either proofread specific works such as scientific documents, or they tackle a variety of content. They can be utilized by non-writers to make sure materials are accurate, clear, and interesting to all readers. 

Editors accomplish most of these tasks by computer.  The computer is a convenient way for them to share work with their team members.  Another recent technological improvement is that editors can use new advanced software and publishing platforms for their clients.  Having these skills is a necessity for novice editors, but some jobs also require them to have experience with multimedia software and technologies that join the written word with digital media and graphics. 

According to book editor David Carr, there are three steps to find a credible editor: 

  1. Ask a Friend.  Ask other writers, who are the best judges on this subject. 
  2. Read a Book.  Look for names of editors in the Acknowledgements section of books you like. 
  3. Search the ‘Net.  Internet websites provide editing services.  Some sites even offer to edit a chapter for free so you can see how they will work to correct your text.

Although it’s still the same basic process, editing has become more sophisticated over the years with its advanced tools and techniques. Editors are now in demand by non-publishing organizations that see the importance of producing publications that are accurate and clearly understood by their customers and employees. Successful editors satisfy their clients, no matter who they are, and engage the intended audiences.  

Erika Whitaker, Writer and Editor, Asta Publications

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