What Spell Check Can’t Do: Why You Need an Editor

Posted on August 7, 2013



Writing a book is a long and intensive process, and it is so personal that it can feel as if the book is an extension of you. After putting so much time and effort into your writing, it can be difficult to hire someone to edit it. You feel as if you are paying someone to criticize your book, but having a good editor is a crucial part of the publishing process. Here are a few reasons why there is no shortcut around hiring an editor for your book:

Keeping it Simple

 Oftentimes writers with sophisticated vocabularies can write too complexly, making it difficult for their readers to follow. A good editor will read the book from your audience’s perspective and improve your writing so that it is clear, concise, and easy to understand. This can include deleting unnecessary words, paragraphs, or even whole pages.

Keeping it Consistent

When writing a book, you can get so caught up in telling the story that you forget about your writing style. Your editor will take an objective look at the piece and provide suggestions to maintain consistency in your grammar, voice, and style. In addition, editors have good eyes and pay great attention to detail. Editors will improve your writing by making small changes, such as fixing problems with line breaks, punctuation, and word choice.

Keeping it Credible

Finally, if your book is nonfiction, your editor will be able to bring to your attention possible errors with facts. Your audience is relying on your work being accurate and credible. Your editor will be able to ensure this is so by double checking your facts with the appropriate resources.

Editors are not the bad guys here; on the contrary, they are here to help you. They are the second sets of eyes necessary to make your book better. An editor’s job is not to criticize your work either. Good editors will see your vision and want your book to be a success just as much you do.

Amy Dipre, Editor and Writer, Asta Publications


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