Why Don’t Ghostwriters Just Write for Themselves?

Posted on July 2, 2013


Ghostwriters are hired to write books, songs, articles, blogs and other manuscripts, but the rights to their works go to the people who hired them. Ghostwriters do not always receive credit on the finished product.  Since ghostwriters have the skill to be successful authors, why would they write and not take any credit for their works?

For one, ghostwriting is a good option for writers who have not yet established their careers. It is important to remember that writing is judged by its source. Audiences form an opinion about an article or book before they ever read it. The public wants to read work from celebrities–the wealthy and powerful.  That’s why ghostwriting is a good way for a new writer to get into her field. This line of work allows a writer to benefit from the use of someone else’s name.tumblr_mi80yyrh581rpttqyo1_500

There is also a financial incentive for a new writer to begin ghostwriting. The average starting price for a 100-200 page book is $5,000. When compared to the effort and investment it takes to write a book of your own, ghostwriting is an attractive alternative.

Another benefit of writing under someone else’s name is that it carries less risk than taking credit for your own writing does.  As a ghostwriter, you can research and write about even the most controversial topic and not face as many repercussions or the threat of public disapproval.

Ghostwriting also means the writer does not have to come up with ideas and topics on her own. Good literature requires more than just good writing; it calls for creativity. Many good writers have the skills necessary to be authors but lack the inspiration. It’s like being a master chef and not having ingredients or a kitchen in which to cook. Celebrities, visionaries, or even average people who have interesting stories to tell but lack writing skills create a demand for ghostwriters.

If you have been considering becoming a ghostwriter, or if you have considered hiring one—start looking. When it comes to why ghostwriters choose their line of work, duality is the name of the game.  Ghostwriting is for a writer who lacks the creativity or resources to write on her own and becoming a published author takes a lot of work and responsibility. Partnerships between people who want to write and people who can write provide each party with the resources needed to create great books.

Amy Dipre, Writer, Asta Publications


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