3 Reasons Why Ghostwriting is a Good Thing

Posted on June 20, 2013


I am formerly of the belief that ghostwriting is utter blasphemy.  How, I asked myself, could such a literary crime be allowed to exist and furthermore, flourish?  How could it be permissible to hire a phantom who would listen to your ideas, compose a book, and then emblazon your name on the cover?  Wasn’t literature, the age-old medium of communication, something sacrosanct, subject to fixed laws of authorship?  As it turns out, literature is far from sacrosanct; it is subject to a high degree of mutability and a plethora of interpretations.  Ghostwriting is not blasphemous, it is empowering.  Following are 3 reasons why ghostwriting might just be a good thing after all.ghostwriter-pic

  1. You’re interesting.  And you have interesting things to say.  Compelling stories and novel insights are not reserved for the literarily proficient.  Nor are they reserved for the deranged and afflicted (we have this fallacious notion that we have nothing to write about unless we are clinically depressed or a hurricane has destroyed our home).  By virtue of your cognition, you are interesting, and you are unique, and propagating this idiosyncrasy enriches the quirkiness of others.  Whether it is your trip to the bakery, or your ten-hour rave, your thoughts on love, or your understanding of religion, what you think, what you do has value as literature.  A ghostwriter can assemble these ideas and experiences into something communicable, so that someone huddled under a lamp at 1.30 in the morning can say, “Wow, that is remarkable!”  Ghostwriters can elucidate your thoughts in ways that perhaps you cannot, or wish not to.
  2. You have as much access to the medium of literature as Dante or Hemingway.  And you are allowed to reap the benefits of literature in anyway you please.  You can write for fame, for money, for a wider following, or simple gratification.  There is nothing wrong, nothing shameful in a desire for acclaim, or compensation.  Literature is to be exploited as it may, and you, in all your singularity, should exploit it.  Again, ghostwriters are there to help you do that.  They themselves are the steeds on which you will charge into the world of literature, composing and editing what is to be your unique proclamation.
  3. Ghostwriting is perhaps most attractive in its flexibility.  You are in charge or selecting your ghostwriter, or a company that offers similar services.  Thus it is you who decides how much you want to be involved.  If you have plenty of time to dedicate to the project of propagating your ideas, then you can work closely with your ghostwriter, part of the process at every turn, adding additional insight and providing novel thoughts.  Contrarily, if you are an immersed businessman for instance, but you still want to reach out through literature, you can leave more to your ghostwriter.  Depending on your circumstances, you can use a ghostwriter for how long and for whatever you wish.  Ghostwriters can also help edit and append.  They can help you organize your thoughts and aid in structuring an outline.  Take advantage of your ghostwriter as little or as much as you wish.

Hiring a ghostwriter will transform your thoughts into a unique communicator.  So go, take the leap, and make people think about what you have to say.

Kyle Mancuso, Editor and Writer, Asta Publications


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