10 Signs it’s Time to Hire a Writing Coach

Posted on June 18, 2013


There can be obstacles to writing. A writing coach is there to help you along your path to generating your best material. It might be time to hire a writing coach if:images

  1. You can’t find time to write.
    You’re very busy. There are many other things to do each day that over shadow your writing time. A writing coach can help you look at your schedule and find time to get your writing accomplished.
  2. You need motivation to write
    No more making excuses about why you can’t write right now.
  3. You need help brainstorming
    There are more ideas out there. A writing coach can help you find them.
  4. You’ve fallen off schedule
    Everyone gets off track sometimes. You got side-tracked and now you feel behind and fear you’ll never catch up. A writing coach can help you tweak your schedule so you can get back to writing.
  5. You need help setting realistic goals
    It’s easier to focus on a little piece at a time rather than the big picture. A writing coach can help you break down your big dream into smaller, more manageable pieces.
  6. You need extra accountability to reach your writing goals
    If you’re the type of person that needs others to keep you going, a writing coach can help you stay on schedule with your writing.
  7. Need clarity on how to put your ideas together
    You’ve got a ton of ideas but aren’t sure how they all fit together. A writing coach can help you focus those ideas so you can get writing.
  8. You need a new point of view
    You’ve read your work so many times it all looks the same. Getting some fresh eyes on it can help you spot things you were too involved to see before.
  9. You need help outlining your book
    You’ve got a big idea for a book but it needs to be broken down so it is comprehensible for your readers and for yourself.
  10. You just can’t seem to get started
    If you think you’re ready to start writing but can’t seem to get your ideas onto the page, it’s time to hire a writing coach.

If you run in to any of the above struggles during your writing, don’t be afraid to ask for help! Very few published authors did it all by themselves.

A writing coach is not an editor. A writing coach will look at your work as a whole and help you get the words on the page, but a writing coach will not correct your grammar, punctuation or spelling.

A writing coach is like a personal trainer. She will help you set your goals, stay on task with your writing and meet deadlines. She will work with you to structure the project so you can write what you want and need to write.

A writing coach is a lot like a sports coach. He will help you along the way to becoming the best writer you can be. He will train you and cheer for you and be there when you lose focus of your dream.
Don’t fret when you have trouble getting your book started or when you falter during your writing process. Look into hiring a writing coach to help you figure it all out.

Stacey Selz, Editor and Writer, Asta Publications


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