4 Reasons to Choose Self-Publishing

Posted on May 28, 2013


You have just written the best piece of work on this planet and you can’t wait to share it with the world. So, how do you go about doing that? Self-publishing is a quick, inexpensive method for getting your baby on the market. Here are four reasons to choose self-publishing over traditional publishing.11a1191ed4a9dbca99fc8ccbd5b4-should-big-name-authors-self-publish

1.       Self-publishing guarantees that your book will be published

If you think it’s great, someone else will too. You don’t have to get a literary agent to think it’s great so she can get a publishing house to think it’s great. There are no rejection letters when you self-publish.  Even though you’re not an established author or your book isn’t a mainstream subject, you can still get it out to the public.

2.       Self-publishing will earn more profit

In today’s world, it is popular for authors to have an e-book for sale on a website like Amazon. Upon each sale, Amazon will take 30% of the earnings. If the book is priced at $9.99, this leaves approximately $7.00. If you choose a traditional publisher, they will take about 75% of that $7.00 and you will keep 25% of the $7.00, or $1.75. With your $1.75 you must pay your literary agent 15% or $0.26 meaning, from that $9.99 sale you only get to keep $1.49. If you choose to self-publish, you only have to pay Amazon their 30% and you get to keep 70% of each sale.

3.       Self-publishing allows you to keep control of your book

If you hand your book off to a traditional publisher you will sign away your rights to that book in your contract. You don’t get to decide what the cover will look like, what font it will be in, what the price will be, or what the back copy will say. With self-publishing, all those decisions are in your capable hands. If Hollywood wants to make a movie of your book or if a toy manufacturer wants to model an action figure from your main character, you get to decide if that’s something you want to do. After all, this book is yours and nobody knows it better than you.

4.       Self-publishing is much faster

If you went the route of a traditional publisher you would first need to secure a literary agent.  Finding one could take months of query letters. Then you must sign a contract with her and she will work to develop a pitch to offer publishers. This can take months or years. J.K. Rowling received 17 rejection letters before Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was accepted. If you actually get a publisher to accept you, you face more contract negotiations, rewrites, and edits, before your book is finally sent to the presses. This whole process could take a couple of years before you can see your book on a store shelf.

If you self-publish you can bypass all the literary agent and publishing house work and skip right to the getting published part. This could take only weeks to a couple months.

Self-publishing allows for many more books to make it to the public where readers can decide what they want to read. If you think self-publishing could be right for you, give it a try. What have you got to lose?

Stacey Selz, Editor and Writer, Asta Publications


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